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10 Holiday Gifts For the Top Chefs In Your Life

21 Dec 10 Holiday Gifts For the Top Chefs In Your Life

10 Gifts For Your Top Chefs


Gifts Professional and Home Chefs Would Love to See Under the Tree


Does it seem like the chef in your life has every kitchen tool in existence? Rest assured, that’s not the case! There’s a world of unique kitchen gadgets that are sure to transform the culinary experience. If you’re running out of gift ideas, here are a few options.  

Vacu Vin’s Instant Marinator

Talk about a time saver! The Instant Marinator uses an air pump to create a vacuum that tenderizes and marinates your favorite foods in a matter of minutes.


Immersion Blender

This sleek and versatile SmartStick handheld blender whips or blends right in your bowl, pitcher or pot, eliminating the need for extra dishes and the danger of transferring hot liquids to the blender.



Oven Mitts

Patterned or monogrammed oven mitts are a great way to add style and personality to a chef’s kitchen.



A Bee Wilson Book

Bee Wilson is a British food writer, journalist and historian and the author of many books on food-related subjects. Different from a cookbook, her books cover a variety of interesting topics that chefs will enjoy, from how we learn to eat to the history of how we eat and cook.




Pasta Pot

No need for a colander when you have a Bialetti Pasta Pot. This pot is sure to streamline your chef’s pasta making process with the added bonus of one less dish to wash.




A Vinturi Wine Aerator

Allowing red wine to breathe releases its aromas and improves its taste. This Wine Aerator draws in and mixes the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing wine to breathe instantly for a wine experience a chef would be sure to appreciate.




A Scanpan

The Scanpan is a stove to oven frying pan made of stainless steel and aluminum. These pans are broiler-proof up to 500 degrees and come in two different sizes.




A Stove Top Pressure Cooker

This All-Clad pressure cooker makes cooking safe, precise, faster and easier than ever before. It has four specific cooking programs and a “smart timer” to automatically notify you when pressure has been achieved and released. This product eliminates guess work, something all chefs will appreciate.



An Adjustable Slicer

Slices from paper-thin to 3/16” thick with the utmost precision. It’s perfect for evenly slicing all fruits and vegetables.



And last but definitely not least…


Hot Chocolate on a Stick

We’re talking about real chocolate melted into hot milk…need I say more? Plus, who doesn’t love hot chocolate?!!



Happy Shopping!

The Chef’s Publicist

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