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Hungry: Meet the Chef’s Publicist

After 12 years in the PR industry, I’ve had my share of fine dining and lunch meetings catered by esteemed chefs along the east and west coast. But that’s not what drew me to the restaurant industry.


My passion for food began as a child, maybe 11 or 12 years old. The youngest of six, I looked forward to family gatherings and obsessed about what the menu would look like; not just for the taste of the food, but for the experience. And from the food to the decor, I thought about it all, no detail forgotten. I remember joining my parents for special occasion lunches at Ram’s Head Inn in Galloway, NJ and discovering my favorite dish: crusted lamb lollipops! By the time I went to college to study Communications and Media Management, I was preparing meals for friends and even gave a how-to presentation in one class on my best dish, “Sleepytime Spaghetti!”

Professionally, I’ve used that same enthusiasm and attention to detail to represent a diverse cross-section of industries. I deliver the very best to each of my clients through strategic planning and trend watching while consistently building media and industry relationships.

I’m hungry. And I represent the men and women who create the food that South Jersey and Philadelphia love to eat!

-The Chef’s Publicist
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